Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Reel" Design Semi-Finalist #5 - "Enchanted"


Attraction Name: Enchanted
Based upon: Walt Disney Pictures' "Enchanted"
Contestant: Michael from Brazil

As we all know, the movie “Enchanted” pokes fun at Disney movies, so an attraction based on this film would logically poke fun... at Disney attractions!

The ride would take place in Giselle's cottage. The pre-show would introduce us to the story: Giselle had a dream about she meeting her true love, so Pip decides to reconstruct the dream in ride format. We then become guests in Giselle's dream, learning about her adventure with Prince Edward and his evil stepmother.

Each scene would poke fun and be an homage to something different.

The first scene would have Giselle being an audio-animatronic, while everything around her is obviously cardboard, followed by the introduction of Prince Edward fighting against an animatronic troll that isn't working (disco lights would be used in this scene to simulate motion). After he saves her, we visit the Queen's dungeon, and we find out her evil plan to stop the two from ever marrying- she turns into an old hag in an effect similar to the one in Snow White, but ends up being blinded by the lights and complaining about the special effects team.

While Giselle waits in her room (that is still being painted by audio-animatronic Imagineers due to them "moving too fast through the dream"), the Queen captures the Prince.

Giselle, deciding that a "soon to be princess has to do what a soon to be princess has to do", goes after him, and almost stops the Queen, until she turns into a menacing dragon. However, noticing that she will lose if the ride goes to the "next scene", the Queen sends the guests directly to the backstage area of the ride, complete with video projection cast members running around, trying to fix the situation

The guests do return to the ride, and come back to see the final scene, complete with chorus, fireworks, visual effects, singing animatronics and Pip telling them that "a ride is a dream your heart makes".

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