Sunday, February 19, 2012

Don't Be Intimidated!

The deadline for the "Reel" Design Contest is quickly approaching!

Anyone interested in partcipating has to get their ride design in to us by the end of the day on Monday, February 20th.

We've been getting a lot of great entries.  But, we've also been getting a lot of e-mails from people who say they don't want to enter because they feel "intimidated."

They've heard that people are sending in schematics, blueprints, sketches and digital re-creations of their rides and they feel that they might not have a chance if they only send in a few written paragraphs.

Well, let me put your fears at ease.

At, the thing that impresses us most is creativity.

Last time around, someone won just by sending in a few paragraphs that described the ride in detail.  They didn't have any supporting materials.  They got our attention and eventually won the contest with an excellent, compelling idea.

If you have an attraction design that is original, tells a compelling story and does things we haven't seen before, it's going to get our attention and impress our distinguished panel of judges..

So, don't be intimidated! Send us your entry by Monday night!  Good luck!

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