Friday, October 28, 2011

Twitter Halloween Costume Contest!

One of the things we learned by looking at the results of the online listener survey, was that many of you wanted to see more contests on the show.

We have some great ones coming up soon on the podcast, but we also have some that are designed solely for our listeners who follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Since it's Halloween weekend, we're unveiling our first Twitter-only contest today - and it's a costume contest (with a twist).

If you're heading out to a costume party this weekend or if you're taking your kids out Trick-or-Treating on Monday night, snap a picture of your costume and tweet it to us at @coasterradio. Use the hashtag #crcostumecontest too.

The catch is, you have to be holding up a sign that says "@COASTERRADIO".

That way, the jokers and CoasterBoys out there won't just tweet a cool costume photo they fine online.

And EB and I will be looking for clever fakes! Violators will be dealt with harshly!

The winner gets a top secret prize.  It's two tickets to a pretty cool location!

Have fun! And get your entries tweeted to us by Tuesday night!

Thursday, October 27, 2011 #604 - The Halloween Campfire Show!


Throughout the month of October, we've been getting in the spirit for the world's spookiest holiday by visiting the parks and other events to partake in their haunted mazes and attractions.

We've been stalked by demonic clowns and aggressive werewolves.  We've been chased by hungry zombies and thirsty vampires.  We've even had a few brushes with the paranormal... perhaps witnessing a ghostly apparition.

But now that the big day is here, everyone here at The Original Theme Park Podcast is ready to celebrate Halloween in a new way.

This week, EB and Mike start a new tradition on the show.  They tell creepy stories from some of the most popular and inventive haunted attractions in the United States.  These haunts use state-of-the-art technology to scare their guests, but more importantly, they also use engaging storylines to pull people into another world.

Using some "radio magic," the guys will pull YOU into the stories as well.

Plus, EB and Mike talk about some of their favorite tried and true haunt effects. AND, we have one of the most entertaining Live Trip Reports EVER!

It's all coming up on a very scary episode of!


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Thursday, October 20, 2011 #603 - Halloween is Almost Here!

We're just a few days away from one of our favorite holidays here at Coaster Radio... Halloween!

This week, we're going to celebrate early by talking with the owner of the World's Longest Indoor Haunted Attraction... The Factory of Terror in Canton, Ohio.

The Guinness Book of World Records recently certified that this amazing haunt has once again claimed this impressive distinction.

We'll find out what it takes to to put on a world-class haunt and what terrifying experiences visitors might encounter when they visit.

We'll also discuss the most recent promotion at Six Flags Over Georgia.  As part of their celebration of Fright Fest, visitors were invited to eat a live Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.  If they succesfully ate the bug, they won a Season Pass.

EB and Mike talk about what it would take to get them to eat a roach and then get to the bottom of finding out who came up with this unique idea.

Plus, we have a Live Trip Report from a popular California Haunted Attraction and we find out how we're doing in the voting for the 2011 Podcast Awards!


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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tales from Halloween Haunts

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!"

When Andy Williams sang that song, he was talking about the winter holiday season.  But I use those words to describe all of the fun events surrounding Halloween!

I'm sure that you guys have been heading out to your local parks each weekend to hit up their Halloween events.  Some of you might even be going to stand-alone haunts where the terror and fear is bumped up a few notches.

For our Halloween show, we want to hear from you about the unique storylines on display at a haunt you've visited recently.

Psychologically, a haunt is most effective when the designers can suck you in to a story that you ultimately become a part of.

So, we'd like you to tell us the story of your favorite haunt... just as if we were all sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows and making S'mores!

Send us your answers to us by Tuesday, October 18th at 9pm EST by posting them right here on the blog by using the "Comments" link below.  You can also e-mail us your answer by using the address over on the right or use our Contact Page!

The best option is to call our voicemail line at 206-339-3360. Be a part of the show!

Thursday, October 13, 2011 #602 - Live from Walt Disney World

This week, the Original Theme Park Podcast comes to you from the Happiest Place on Earth! 

(OK, that tag line might belong to Disneyland... but we're close enough!)

On this week's episode, Mike and EB provide on-site details from EPCOT's Food and Wine Festival.  What culinary delights can you find in World Showcase?  And, if you aren't interested in the festival, does it affect the attraction lines?

Plus, Mike has a chance to check out Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.  Does it live up to the excellence of the original?  Does it exceed expectations?  Or, does it have a disappointing "prequel" feel?

The guys also have live audio from inside the Magic Kingdom at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! Mike Collins is joined by his wife Molly and their friends Mike and Colleen to talk about the event, the fireworks, the parade, the CANDY and most importantly, their award winning TRON and Karate Kid costumes.

Fear Does Not Exist In This Dojo, DOES IT?

Plus, we have a Live Trip Report from Six Flags Magic Mountain, details on some upcoming Contests and a LOT MORE!!!


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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Podcast Awards

One of the greatest rewards of doing this show is when you guys tell us that we're doing a good job.

It's so great getting an e-mail or a message on Facebook from a listener telling us about a particular episode that they enjoyed.

Even better, we sometimes hear about how our show has played a part in a family gathering or roadtrip.

It's always an honor to know that we're a part of your lives... even in a small way.

Earlier this week, the nominations for the 2011 Podcast Awards were released and was nominated in category for "Best Travel Podcast."

It's awesome to be nominated, but the best part about it is that we were nominated by our listeners.

And from a publicity standpoint, the nomination is great because it exposes our show to a whole group of people who probably haven't heard it before.  And as we've said many times:

More Listeners = More Opportunities = A Better Overall Show.

There is some heavy competition in the Travel Category this year.

There are 10 nominees and seven of them are theme park podcasts.  Of those seven, five are Disney Podcasts!

It's always going to be difficult dethroning a Disney Podcast, but let's give it a try!

You can vote for once a day at  Voting runs through October 27th.

We have enough listeners to pull off an upset! It's just up to all of us to vote everyday and see if we can do it.

I like being the underdog, don't you?

Again, thanks for all your support!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011 #601 - How We Met Neil Patrick Harris

Welcome to the Season Six Premiere of Coaster Radio!

EB and Mike are determined to make this season the best one ever!

So, to kick start things off right, the guys are joined by the one and only Neil Patrick Harris!

Neil is known throughout the world for his many roles in the movies, on television and on broadway.

But fans of Coaster Radio also know him as the familiar voice who introduces and ends each and every episode of the Original Theme Park Podcast.

On this week's show, Neil joins the guys for some excellent theme park talk.

He tells the guys about how he first became fascinated with the amusement industry.  He talks about his favorite rides and attractions and what he looks for in a good ride.

He also talks about his "behind the scenes" involvement in some attractions and shows that you have probably experienced yourself.

Neil looks back on the Halloween Yard Haunt that he built in his own backyard and turns to EB and Mike for advice on what rides he should experience with his twin babies.

Plus, there are a lot of other fun topics and surprises!

This is one episode of that you absolutely don't want to miss!


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