Friday, June 26, 2009

Live Park Updates On The Way!

There haven't been any updates here in awhile, and for that I apologize.

Like we used to say on the CR podcast... real life always has to come first. Lately, there has been one deadline after another at my job and in life.

I couldn't imagine what things would be like if we still had the pressure of doing a weekly show. WOW!

Anyway, I'm headed to Southern California this week and am going to be updating the Twitter Feed with all sorts of tweets and twitpics from the various SoCal parks.

If there's anything particular you want to see, let me know via Twitter or through the New Forum Fourms.

If you haven't caught Twitter fever yet, this might be a good opportunity to check it out!

I'm also experimenting with recording some "on-the-fly" audio with my iPhone. So I might have some files to upload when I get back.

See you on the west coast!

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