Tuesday, June 08, 2010

My American Idol Experience (Review and Behind The Scenes Details)

Anyone who has been listening to the CoasterRadio.com podcast knows that a big part of this season has been preparing for my attempt to make it onto the stage of "The American Idol Experience" at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Over the past few months, I let the audience in as I practiced different songs, received critiques from music experts and even as I did a live test drive at a Karaoke bar.

Last month, I made it down to Walt Disney World and somehow gathered up the courage to walk into Studio 2B to audition.

I told the story on Episode #437, but I also wrote a five-part blog post that shares every detail about the experience.

You'll walk with me, step-by-step, as I go through the grueling audition process, the backstage preparation and possibly, a shot at performing on The American Idol Experience stage!

Here are the five parts:

Part 1 - The Bright Idea
Part 2 - The First Audition
Part 3 - The Second Audition
Part 4 - Backstage
Part 5 - Showtime

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