Thursday, April 12, 2012 #627 - On the Set of "How I Met Your Mother"

 Mike, EB and Tris hanging out with the cast
As fun as it was to visit Disneyland and Disney California Adventure a few weeks ago, it wasn't the main reason for our trip to the west coast.

Neil Patrick Harris, (the official announcer for the podcast), invited us to come out to Hollywood to be extras in an upcoming episode of the hit CBS sit-com, "How I Met Your Mother."

On this week's (very long) episode, we tell you the ENTIRE story.

We talk about what we saw, our interactions with the cast and crew and what it was like to be a "background extra" in MacLaren's Pub.

Here are some videos and photos from our visit to give you a visual reference as you listen to our stories!

This is an actual scene from the show. Watch the background!
EB and Mike are having an animated conversation in the background.

Mike, EB and Tris laugh about the "fake" beer and wine they are consuming.

We watched the action from chairs set up in the apartment set.

The directors, writers and script supervisors watch the action from these monitors.

We explain how this shot came to be during the show

You can see EB's head in this flashback scene.

Outside of Stage 22, where they shoot "How I Met Your Mother."

Make sure to set your DVRs to record "our" episode of HIMYM!  It airs Monday, April 16th at 8pm est on CBS!


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Unknown said...

Hi guys, (long time listener, first time commenter :) ) Just finished listening to this episode and had to let you know I loved the whole California Quadrilogy. I've never watched HIMYM but I'm currently downloading 'your' episode (S07E23/24 : The CoasterRadio Special Season Finale).
Keep up the good work, fellas.
co-creator of

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