Wednesday, June 30, 2010 #443 - Bert the Conqueror and Fireworks!

On this week's show, we welcome the host of The Travel Channel's hit show "Bert the Conqueror," Bert Kreischer!

Bert and his crew are in the middle of producing the first season of this new show that takes viewers to the legendary attractions, competitions and adrenaline rushes that you can find all across America.

He joins us from the road to tell us about what he's experienced so far and what crazy feats we can expect to see in the upcoming months.

He'll also tell us about whether he really is terrified to experience all of these thrills or if he is just delivering some academy award winning acting. Plus, you'll be surprised to hear which amusement operators are asking for his advice about future attractions.

Then, we bring back the tradition of celebrating the 4th of July by shooting off fireworks live on the show. We even gave the experience a very Disney-esque name...

The Sparktacular Explosioloosa!

You'll have to hear it to believe it! (And, if you're a fan of ours on Facebook, you can see it too!)

All that, plus a live trip report from Six Flags Magic Mountain and a surprise guest!

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