Thursday, June 24, 2010 #442 - Wizarding World Wackiness!

July 17, 1955 was a famous day in theme parks lore. It was the day of Disneyland's Grand Opening.

Will June 18, 2010 be a similar day in theme park history?

This was the day The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure.

There hasn't been an new land opening in recent memory to attract as much excitement and anticipation as the Wizarding World.

On this week's show, EB and Mike welcome Arthur Levine, the theme parks guide from

Arthur just got back from spending a few days in Orlando for the Grand Opening of the Wizarding World and he has details about the attractions, stores, crowds and surprises that await Muggles who travel to Hogsmead Village and Hogwarts Castle.

The guys also hear from one of their listeners who calls the hotline to deliver a live trip report. Is the Frozen Butterbeer already a legendary drink?

Plus, EB and Mike are visited by their resident half-giant, Hagrid. It turns out Hagrid prevented a huge disaster from happening on opening day. Will it be enough to convince Universal Orlando personnel to let him back into his hut?

It's POTTERMANIA, this week on!

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