Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The "Reel" Design Contest - Wildcard Round!

The 2012 "Reel" Design Contest judging begins today... with our Wildcard Round!

During the NCAA tournament, after they pick the first 63 teams, they have a "Play-In" game between two more teams to decide who is the last team in the "Big Dance."

We decided to do something similar with our movie-themed contest.

We chose eight out of 10 semi-finalists, but had a hard time choosing the final two.

So, we created a "Wildcard Round" where we take our next four favorite entries and debate them until we have two left.

And, we decided to do this during our weekly video podcast that can be found exclusively on Facebook.

If you have "Liked" us on Facebook, you'll be able to watch and see which two "Reel" Design entries move on to the next round!

We'll have the first five Semi-Finalists on this week's show which drops Friday morning!

1 comment:

Martin Rider said...

Question: Do the wildcards make it into the actual contest, or are we voted on by you two (mike and eb)?

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