Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Reel" Design Semi-Finalist #2 -"Tales from the Crypt Presents: Last Rite"


Attraction Name: Tales from the Crypt Presents: Last Rite
Based upon: Universal Pictures’ "Tales from the Crypt: Demon Night"
Contestant: Wally Phelps

Guests will queue in the Crypt Keeper’s mansion after passing the marquee that reads, “Tales From the Crypt Presents Last Ride”; however, the wording changes intermittently with to “Last Rite”.

Guests will be lead into the titular crypt that holds a few hundred people to see the preshow in which the Crypt Keeper himself introduces the “kiddies” to the attraction with equal parts wit and horror to set the mood.

After the preshow, guests enter the load area where they will strap into the flume type attraction.  The area is in contrast to the queue and preshow area as it seems you stepped into a bright colorful carnival type attraction with joyful music.

Despite the bright, happy looks, something just seems to be off kilter just enough to make you uncomfortable.  The ride starts out on a leisurely boat ride thorough a scene of whimsical singing animals as you get to a large conveyor that pulls you up the first hill; however, as you ascend the ride seems to be falling apart as the joyful music is replaced with dramatic music as you fall down a pitch black hill into a far more sinister scene.

Heat and the scent of burning surround you as demons crowd the shoreline waiting for your arrival.  Even the water has turned red.  A translucent figure scares the demons away (all achieved with digital projection and pepper’s ghost effects) and explains that there has been an awful mistake and he will guide you to safety.

After several close calls with demons on the shore and in the air in the next room that seems to be in flames, you are at a fork in the river that our guide tries to guide you to the safest route, but a large monstrous demon with sharp teeth springs out of the water taking a swipe at the boat, leading you the wrong way as you attempt to escape.

The boat goes down another drop and into a speed tunnel with a few hills and hops with projections on the walls giving the illusion of greater speed and red illuminated mist until you see our guide battling the scariest, most gnarly demon yet shouting at us to stay in the boat for the demons cannot get you there.  The demons watch as the boat is lifted onto the final drop.

As the guests get closer to the top, angelic voices sing and a white light illuminates you, but when you reach the summit, the guide appears to wish you safe passage, but transforms into the very demon he was fighting!  The room goes red as you plunge several stories into a splash down as the demon’s growl fades to the Crypt Keeper’s maniacal laughter.

You float past the Crypt Keeper as he makes a bad joke about trusting strangers as you are taken to the unload area that leads into the scariest part:  The gift shop.

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