Friday, February 03, 2012 #618 - The Live Trip Report Show

Last summer, we sponsored a contest here at where we would give the lucky winner a chance to produce an entire episode of the show.

We were so excited about everyone's ideas... we chose four winners!

This week, the first of those winners is stepping up to the plate to see if he has what it takes to live up to the pressure of producing a crazy podcast like this.

Tom from Louisville, KY has come up with the "Live Trip Report Show!"

He's gone though the dozens and dozens of backlogged trip reports that visitors have called in and has picked some of the most interesting ones to share with you.

Plus, to make things even more compelling... he has enlisted the services of the infamous characters to introduce each one.

As EB says this week... "this is a show you're either gonna love or gonna hate!"


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Paul said...

Great job, so much fun with your new producer taking control of the show. Loved those characters return. I will say that the Ghostbuster game was not super hard for Mr. Murray. If you listing to his lines many critics like IGN, Gamespot, and 1up found his voice work 'phone in'. Not to say it was a bad, but when all you have to do is walk into a booth and say some lines, it's not hard to see Bill Murray say yes to this video game. I have to ask, but I always was a Ghostbuster fan, but found the cartoon show the most enjoyable in keeping the franchise alive. It's one of the reason you see Slimer at the end of Ghostbuster 2 so it's cannon with the show. You guy's talk a lot about 80's movies podcast, I wonder if you do one about 80's cartoon shows. If you notice we don't have that type of programming on regular or syndication TV anymore. I just remember growing up on those shows and 'The Real Ghostbusters' was one of my favorite shows during that era. I won't remind you of it's spin-off Slimer show or Extreme Ghostbuster that came with that 90's grunge version of the GB theme song. I really hope they don't use that show as a template for GB3. Anyway, looking forward to the next guest producer show. Totally awesome work.

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