Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The "Producer for a Day" Contest!

Every now and then, we get an e-mail from someone who says...

"You guys should let me produce the show!"  Then, they go on to list a hundred ideas that they would do if they ran the Original Theme Park Podcast.

Normally, we politely thank them for their e-mail and then steal all of their ideas.  But now, we're giving loyal listeners a chance to make CoasterRadio.com history!

If you win the "Producer for a Day" Contest, you get to produce an entire episode of the show. You decide what we talk about, what games we play, what calls we take.

Plus, you get something and even Mike and EB don't get... a paycheck - $50 in cash!

Here are the rules - In 30 seconds or less, sell us on why you’d make a good “Producer for a Day.”

Tell us what you’d do, what segments you’d create, what guests you’d book and how you’d make YOUR episode unique.

You can e-mail us the address on the left (or use the Contact Form)
You can leave a message at 206-339-3360
You can record an MP3 and send it to us.
Or you can post a video on YouTube.

All entries must be in by July 15th (for all your Podlaggers)

Good luck!

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