Monday, June 27, 2011

What's Your Take on the Coaster Clubs?

About 15 years ago, before the internet was in everyone's home, the big theme park fan organization was the American Coaster Enthusiasts.

It was the place to be if you were interested in meeting up with others who enjoyed going to the parks and riding coasters.

Once the internet gained popularity, it became easier for other "coaster clubs" to spring up and attract members.

Today there are dozens of coaster clubs all over the world.

Each one is a little different and boasts different perks and reasons why someone might want to join.

On this week's show, we want to know your opinion on coaster clubs.  Which ones have you joined?  Why did you think it was important?  What's your favorite part about being in the club?  Is there a "dark side" to being in the group?

If you haven't joined a club in the past, what has kept you from doing so?  What are the reasons you prefer to visit the parks without an established group?

What about the "wars" that go on between the different clubs?  Is that just "high school drama" all over again or is there a good reason for the hostility?

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BigAl said...

EB kinda gave my answer last week. I live a good distance away from any park and was sick and tired of having to work for weeks to wrangle up someone to go with to any park with. I joined the Coaster Crew 2 years ago and now just about any time I want to go, I can meet up with someone. Through them I have also met folks from MACC, ACE, TPR and Coaster Zombies. Sure, there are some people you meet who you are not best friends with, or who take things a little too seriously, but it's not too hard to separate yourself from them if you try hard enough. But once you make actual friends, it is well worth the investment in time.

Dr. Sam said...

I used to be a member of a roller coaster club and I enjoyed it because, as a coaster girl, I liked having an outlet to nerd out about roller coasters. I still like the idea of coaster clubs, but it can become a waste of money if you don't have time to go to events (and there are a lot of them) to enjoy the comraderie. So I think they can be fun and fulfill a social need, especially if you don't have someone to share your passion with. But like any love affair, enjoyment can turn into obsession and craziness if you don't have a balance of interests in your life.

CanadaCoasterCentral said...


Being a dedicated fan of my home park, Canada's Wonderland, I'm a member of the Coaster Club CWMania.
A very small club, it's dedicated to everything about Wonderland, but the Wizarding World, Disney World, Cedar Point and many of the Cedar Fair chain parks are mentioned. The club never gets involved with others, so therefore is one of the "peaceful" ones. Love the show guys and keep it up.

Michael (from Brazil) said...

Coaster Clubs? What's that? We don't have that over here.

Michael (from Brazil) said...

Coaster Clubs?

What's that?

We don't have that over here. The only thing remotely close to Coaster Clubs is called "Orkut communities". Orkut, although something old and stupid, is still used over here in Brazil. So thats where people meet, but its not a Coaster Club.


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