Thursday, June 30, 2011

C-Pain's Summertime Anthem!

C-Pain's hit single, "Drop That SH*T" was released last week exclusively on!

It's a once in a life time coloboration with the "Drop That SH*T" guy from Season 1 and NPH.

Since last week, it has spread all over the world like a VIRUS!  It is quickly becoming the theme park road trip anthem of 2011.

Now that the single has been given it's exclusive run on last week's episode of the show, C-Pain would like to spread the love by allowing you to have his summertime masterpiece for free!

You can download the track or listen right here!  It's the perfect track to listen to while "knocking the boots!"


Michael said...

Mike, I have to say... this song made my day. You guys put so much work into the podcast, and it shows. The beat, lyrics, moaning women... everything was great!

You should keep it up. I would love CoasterRadio: The Soundtrack. C-Pain, CoasterBoy, Shapiro, Hagrid, Bob the Lobster, Michael from Brazil...everyone gets a song!

Anonymous said...

I can't get this song out of my head! I also can't stop laughing.

C-Pain getting slapped by a "boobie" in the face was the best line!

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