Thursday, June 23, 2011 #533 - The Summer 2011 Anthem is Here!

This past Tuesday marked the official start of Summer, 2011!

For every summer we can remember, there has always been an unofficial "anthem" recorded by the biggest pop star of the day.  It's a song that EVERYONE listened to on their way to the beach or the theme park.

In the 80's it was the Fresh Prince, in the 90's it was Ricky Martin and today, it might be Katy Perry or Cee Lo Green.

But this week, we premiere what might be the #1 hit song for this summer! It's a once in a lifetime colloboration!

We also get a live report from opening day of Windseeker at Kings Island.  Does the 300 foot tall spinning thrill machine live up to the hype?  We'll find out!

Plus, we'll hear from listeners all over the world as they tell us about their favorite spots at their home parks.  We'll find out about the special places off the beaten path where people can get away from the noise and crowds! 


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Randy said...

Considering the Magic Mountain problem with people staying on the coaster, the reason for that is because they are part of the VIP treatment in which they paid tons of money. At Six Flags Great America, the lower end is $200 per person with a minimum of 4 people. That's at least $800! For the higher end with includes staying on the rides all you want, it's $350 per person.

For the higher up VIP experience of $350 per person, those people can go on anything they want with no line, get "free" food, get great seats at the shows, and they have a tour guide. I think they probably could go backstage, and get to places faster. But again, they are paying $350 each person, and I don't know if admission is included or not. I think anytime you are with the tour person, you could go straight to the front of the line for a ride. However, for a lower priced VIP treatment, you are only getting a flash pass for most of the day. 4 hours of tour / get on the rides fast probably.

However, I see for Magic Mountain that it's much higher for those people, and they only have one choice of a tour. That being $299 per person, but it does say "To be fair to all of our Guests, we do not allow immediate re-rides on our attractions. VIP Guests may be asked to wait a short period of time before experiencing the same ride a second time."



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