Thursday, June 09, 2011 #531 - Time Machine Show - Part 3

Yes, the photoshopping sucks, but I made it in two minutes!
On the next episode of Coaster Radio, we bring you the final chapter in our own "Time Travel Trilogy!"

On our last show, we left you with a cliff hanger... EB and Mike were stuck somewhere in the Space Time Continuum.

This week, we find out where they have been and if if they can successfully get back to 2011.

But, since they're travelling in time anyway, they decide to stop in 2006 to listen in on an old episode about going to the parks alone.

The audience also chimes in to tell their own stories about going it alone during a trip to the park.  Plus, Mike has a run-in during his recent solo trip to Hersheypark with the wannabe cast of "Jersey Shore."  You'll hear how Mike channeled his "Inner-NPH" to resolve the situation.

We'll also have a Live Trip Report from Six Flags America and an update from "The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure" at Disney California Adventure.

AND... we also celebrate a very usual milestone in the show's history!


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Lidstrom said...

Awesome dead wife story. #WINNING!

Michael said...

Here in Southern California, we have two things: great theme parks and terrible traffic. I spent 3 hours in traffic last Friday evening going an average of 5 mph. Luckily, this episode made my drive bearable. From giving rings to theme park club members to the story of Mike vs the guidos...I laughed the whole show. Thanks guys.

Mike Collins said...

Thanks Michael! That's exactly why EB and I like doing the show! We always hope people listen on their way to and from the parks. Glad we could help with the drive!

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