Friday, July 01, 2011 #534 - The 2nd Annual Sparktacular Exploosioloosa!

We have a lot of fun traditions here at Coaster Radio, but one of our most cherished happens every year at this time!

This week, it's the 2nd Annual...


Each year, EB risks life and limb so that he can bring our wireless microphones as close as possible to the flames, sparks and explosions.

Last year, EB got hit with a projectile wall of fire.  What could go wrong this year?

We also will hear from Mike as he gives his "complicated" review of Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion.  How does it rate when compared to other rides in the park and will Mike be brave enough to ever ride it again?

We also delve into the world of roller coaster enthusiast clubs.  What are some of the reasons people join?  Are there any drawbacks?  What about the recent trend of several clubs "hating" on one another.

We'll hear from the audience as they tell us about what clubs they belong to and the pros and cons of each.

Plus, we'll have a Live Trip Report from a park in Germany! 


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Michael said...

Never stop playing the Revenge of the Nerds laugh whenever Millenium Force is mentioned. It gets me every time!

Anonymous said...

2 quick things. You have good points about why I305 had no wait, but there are secondary reasons. 1)It seats 32 riders per cycle. 2)Because of the ultra fast lift and speed in general, the turnover is very fast. I've timed it at as fast as 70 seconds between trains departing. Even when the cue is completely full and spilling out into the plaza it is only a 45 minute wait.

About Volcano, another reason it has a long wait, is it has TERRIBLE throughput. Same reason Flight of Fear also has terriblly long rides.

And on the Snarky side, if you do not feel like getting off Hurler after the first drop, then you must be superhuman. I get bruised and battered each time I go against my my better judgement and give it another chance.

Big_Al said...

EB said the cost of being in a club is worth "A season pass or 2." Other than ACE and TPR, most clubs are MUCH cheaper than that. Between 10-25 dollars per year. Also, of course you can join numerous clubs. I know of many who are ACE members and also are members of a more local club to their region.

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