Thursday, July 28, 2011 #538 - Life in the "Fast Lane"

The ongoing trend in the amusement industry seems to be parks coming up with new ways for guests to skip the lines.

Some of the the line cutting systems are free and come with your admission.  But others are offered for an upcharge of $40 or $50.

On this week's episode, Mike and EB talk about the new "Fast Lane" option that just debuted at Kings Island.

The guys will discuss the pros and cons of the new service and what this might mean for other parks around the country.

Will the park experience that we know today change forever?

The guys also discuss their upcoming separate trips to Knoebels and Weiner Prater in Vienna, Austria.  Will Mike be brave enough to tackle the crazy Euro-rides?  And, EB just recently renewed his love affair with a classic carnival attraction!

Plus, a Live Trip Report from one of the most enchanting parks in the country! 


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