Sunday, July 24, 2011

Your "Pre-Game" Rituals

Before we go to the parks, each of has a routine that we have to follow to ensure we have a good time.

Maybe it involves internet research about the park's rides, attractions and restaurants.

Maybe it involves packing certain items that we can fit into our pockets (sunglasses, sunscreen, asprin, etc) that will help us survive the hot temperatures and glaring sun.

Maybe you need to create a special playlist for your iPod that will get you in just the right mood for the hour-plus ride to the park.

Maybe you travel all over your county looking for the best discount coupons that will give you the cheapest ticket.

Whatever your "Pre-Game" ritual is, we want to hear about it for this week's show!

Tell us what preparation you do in order to guarantee your theme park day will be a success!

Send us your answers by posting them right here on the blog by using the "Comments" link below.  You can also e-mail us your answer by using the address over on the right or use our Contact Page!

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hainzi2 said...

Studying the park map: gets you excited and is useful later at the park.

C. Pred said...

First is a check of the weather as the first sign of lightning or heavy rain can ruin a day easily. Next is some research on the best days to go when there are fewer guests in the park to ensure shorter lines and more ride time. Then is a plan on the attractions I need to hit first when the park opens (such as start in the back and work your way to the front) and what rides I need to get on and what rides I can pass if time runs out.

Travel_Dis said...

If your are an old vet of the parks, preparing to go is like going to work. You know the places, the sites, the sounds. It's all about enjoying what you know and trying something different once an a while. That's how the old school prep these day's.

Dr. Sam said...

My pre-game ritual involves a number of steps. Since many of my theme park trips coincide with business trips, the first thing I do is check my flight and hotel options to squeeze in a park or two without compromising work. Then, the night before, I make sure I have everything a girl needs to navigate the park for 4-5 hours: my trusty amusement park purse (comfortable, durable and able to be tossed over to the ride cubbies from my seat) to carry all my in-park needs, like mints, lip gloss, a brush and barrett to tame the hair after being flipped and dipped on the rides, a couple of snacks, an empty water bottle so that I can get water to stay hydrated at the park, and a few work documents so I can read and work while I'm waiting in line and walking through the park. I also make sure I have my favorite deep-pocket jeans so that I can put my essentials in them if taking a purse to the park is going to be expensive (e.g., having to pay for a locker several times a day at 6 Flags) and my theme park sneakers or athletic sandals so that I can comfortably handle the mileage I'll be putting in at the park. I also come to the park with an agenda-- to get all the coasters in before I have to leave. To keep it fun I let impulse guide me once I get to the gates and don't have a rigid plan as to what I will ride first.

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