Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Ultimate Ride Mash-Up!

Mash-ups are a fun thing when it comes to music.  You can often get some pretty good results when you take two popular songs and make them into one.

We think the same thing can be said for theme park attractions.

For this week's show, we want to hear about your dream "theme park mashup."

Take any two rides from any two parks and put them together.  What would the ride experience be like?  Would it be record breaking?  Would it be the ultimate thrill machine or one the whole family could enjoy?

Send us your answers by posting them right here on the blog by using the "Comments" link below.  You can also e-mail us your answer by using the address over on the right or use our Contact Page!

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BJ Wanlund said...

Being a Disney guy, I have to mash up two Disney rides! I would like to have the best of "It's A Small World" (found at the Magic Kingdom in Florida) and "The Gran Fiesta Tour Featuring The Three Caballeros" (from World Showcase in Epcot).

BTW, I do NOT want to put the Three Caballeros characters into Small World, what I wanted to do is to create the ultimate mashup of the classic Disney "dark rides with miniature animatronics" rides.


Dr. Sam said...

Here's my fantasy mash-up: I would put together an S&S space shot type ride, like Superman: Tower of Power from Six Flags Over Texas, and an inverted B&M coaster, namely Alpengeist from Mike's beloved Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The tower would blast you up to the top of the lift hill, then the ride becomes a sweet coaster.

Dr. Sam said...

One more fantasy mash-up: I have always loved the concept of haunted houses, but at the same time don't like to go through them because I scare too easily. What I would love to see made is a voyeur haunted house attraction for people who want to vicariously experience the haunted house without being the victim of the scare. It would be something like WDW's Peter Pan, where you could ride in a gondola over a Universal Studios-type haunted house attraction and watch other people being scared from the safety of your ride seat. I would call it Control Freak: The Ride because it would be the perfect thrill for those of us who are Type A.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a traditional white water rapids ride get the "Wildebeest" treatment. Add some LIM magnets to the bottom of the huge rafts so they can blast up hills.

Universal_Guru said...

Over in Universal Orlando,I would like to see the Men in Black: Alien Attack ride mash-up with the old extinct Ghostbusters Spooktacular show. Not only would you get a great pre-show with the Ghostbusters, but also you'r get a chance to join the Men in Black or the Ghostbuster in busting ghost and Aliens. This combo would be an awesome mash-up in having two great movie properties with the ultimate dark ride shooter experiences. Imagining having a modified proton Ghostbuster gun blowing up ghost something like Toy Story Mania.

Coaster Junkie said...

First time commenting on the great site you guys have. Heard about your radio show from Screamscape. Anyways id combine Disneys Haunted Mansion with River battle at Dollywood. It would have you be on a boat shooting water at ghosts and monsters with targets on them, they would shoot back, and the boat would spin a 180 after every 10 targets hit.

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