Thursday, July 07, 2011 #535 - Our New Voiceover Artist - NPH!

For each individual season of Coaster Radio, EB and Mike like to have something called a "story arc."

Basically, it's a common theme and storyline that can carry over throughout an entire season of the show.

For season four, we followed Mike as he prepared for and ultimately triumphed at The American Idol Experience at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

But in Season Five, the guys  unveiled their most ambitious "story arch" ever - The Neil Patrick Harris Project.

EB and Mike wanted to have a major celebrity (who happened to love theme parks) agree to become the voiceover artist that introduces each episode of the show.

They locked on film, television and stage star Neil Patrick Harris, who turned out to be a listener of the show already!

This week, after ten months of wacky contests, Towers of Treats and major charity events, Neil is ready to announce whether he will become a part of the Original Theme Park Podcast!

We also welcome back an old friend, Arthur Levine - the theme parks guide at!

Arthur recently had a chance to ride Star Tours: The Adventures Continue at Disneyland and The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure at Disney California Adventure.

He'll tell Mike and EB which ride made it to his list of Top Theme Park Attractions and which ride gave him a slight case of anticipointment.

We'll also hear from the audience as they talk about their favorite water rides.  Which wet and wild rides are the best in the country?  The listeners have the scoop!

We'll also have a Live Trip Report from Dinosaurs Alive! at Kings Island and Mike will tell you about his upcoming trip to Hungary to ride one of the oldest coasters in the world!


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Dan Heaton said...

Congrats guys! I think the people on the train for my commute to work were confused by my big fist pump when I heard Neil's intro. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Amazing! AMAZING!

I've been with you guys from the begining and feel as much pride in this as you do!

NPH picked a great show to join!

Michael said...

Good job guys! The new intro is amazing. NPH was fantastic (as expected) and C-Pain's smash hit single in the background was a nice touch.

By the way, it makes me laugh that NPH is easier to get on the show than Greg, Flava, and Mario.

C. Pred said...

I was very excited to hear the intro once I read the description of this week's podcast. Great intro (and outro) by NPH. I am looking forward to the fall when NPH is a guest on the "Original Theme Park Podcast"

Congrats, Mike & EB

Arthur said...

Congratulations guys! Excited for NPH's guest appearance... and also for the next story arc!

Anonymous said...

I love this podcast SOOOO MUCH! It's cool to know that NPH does too!

Welcome to Coaster Radio Neil!

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