Thursday, February 09, 2012

Advice From a Past Winner

Back in 2006, we had a lot of excellent entries for our first "Reel" Design Contest.

One of the underdog submissions was from Andre from Miami, Florida.  He sent in a description of a ride based upon the movie "Mirrormask."

Andre had a tough road ahead of himself in terms of judges' reaction... because none of us had ever heard of the movie before.

But, Andre's ride description and idea was so innovative and creative, that he moved to the head of the pack and won the contest.

As the reigning champion, Andre will be one of the judges for the Finals of this year's "Reel" Design Contest.  We asked him to think back to 2006 and give some advice to this year's contestants.  Here's what he said:

As the winner of the 2006 "Reel" Design Contest, Mike asked me to  share my experience with the premier competition.

At that time I had just watched the film “Mirror Mask” and was inspired because the visuals were so stunning. After giving it a bit of thought, it was easy to translate the visuals and the journey taken by the main character into an interesting and exciting dark ride

While listening to the results podcast and hearing the other great ideas being presented, I have to admit that I was really surprised and thrilled that my idea was chosen as the winner. I really felt like the underdog since I decided to base my idea on a film that really wouldn’t be considered a blockbuster.

To those considering entering the contest this year and may be hesitant because you may not think that your idea is good enough, I say just do it. You may be pleasantly surprised. Good Luck!

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