Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Reel" Design Semi-Finalist #1 - "Stark Expo: The Iron Man Experience"


Attraction Name: Stark Expo: The Iron Man Experience
Based upon: Paramount Pictures’ "Iron Man' (2008) & "Iron Man 2" (2010)
Contestant: James King

This attraction would be placed in Tomorrowland at Disneyland and at Future World in EPCOT.

Riders would enter an indoor version of Stark Expo, where the queue line would have actual items on display from the 1974 New York World's Fair. It would also feature video of Pepper Potts (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) and Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey, Jr.) thanking you for visiting.  They would tell you that Walt Disney was friends with Tony’s father, Howard Stark and that Tony decided to continue the friendly partnership with the Disney Company so that they could showcase of all the great advancements by Stark Industries.  In the queue, you would see a replica of Tony Stark's garage, a timeline of his life and a cabinet showing all stages of the famous Iron Man suits.

The riders then grab a pair of “Stark Speks” (3-D glasses) and board a car that can hold 8 riders.  Each seat will have a small video screen in the front of each person. Each seat also has speakers in the head rest for audio.

The ride begins as a tour of future products coming from Stark Industries... Everything that we see is typical of a classic Disney dark ride style. Once you approach the 4th scene of the ride, what would see is really a 3-D projection which is attacked by Iron Monger (who we find didn't really die at the end of the first movie.) The ride goes from a typical dark ride into a Spider-man type-ride as the car starts to move and have 4-D effects.

Immediately, the video screen shows Pepper calling to Tony to “get the suit on” to save the guests. Iron Man eventually arrives and starts to fight Iron Monger. Pepper stays on the video screens the whole time trying to keep the guests calm. After an intense battle, Iron Man is able to get you back to an unloading dock.  A cast member appears and tries to trigger the latch bar release, but then Whiplash appears, attacks the car, scares away the cast member and the ride continues.

Eventually Iron Man has to have War Machine help fend off the bad guys. The fight scenes are a mix of animatronics and 3-D projections, with one full size animatronic of each character near the end of the ride.

Once Iron Man and War Machine are victorious, you are lead to the real unload station.  After you exit the car, an interactive audio animatronic of Iron Man says goodbye. In typical Tony Stark fashion, he tries to pass off the experience as “just a mild disturbance.”

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Michael King said...

Congrats brother. I just have two questions. First, which Whiplash is the one to attack the ride operator? There is the original one that attacked during the F1 race or the one that attacked during Stark Expo at the end of IronMan 2 that had an IronMan like armor. Secondly and more so from my girlfriend, which Roady is the one that will voice War Machine: Terrance Howard or Don Credle?

Overall, I enjoyed the ride and I hope to see it in the finals.

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