Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Interactive Experiences and Games at the Parks

One of my favorite things to do at EPCOT these days is to play the "Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure."

Sure, I feel a little self-conscious playing a game that was essentially designed for kids, but I am noticing that more and more adults are playing too.

Basically, you get a device called a "Kimmunicator" (which is essentially a Verizon Flip-Phone) so that Kim and her friends can guide you around the different EPCOT countries to help them fight crime.

The best part of the adventure is that your actions actually case things to happen all around World Showcase.

For instance, Molly and I were playing in Germany and were told to activate our "Kimmunicator" when we reached the giant glockenspiel.  Once we pressed the button, the clock came alive to reveal the next clue for the game.

It was a lot of fun to play a game where we had control over giant EPCOT icons.

Imagineers also did an excellent job blending the interactive props into the existing World Showcase architecture.

Disney is currently testing a similar experience over at the Magic Kingdom that looks even more exciting. 

The Orlando Sentinel has an excellent article about "Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom," which is the next generation of this type of interactive experience.  It looks to be more involved and have more interactive options than Kim Possible at EPCOT.

My question is, why haven't we seen these types of experiences at other locations around the country?

To me, this seems like a slam dunk for museums.  One of the best ways to educate people is to tick them into learning while they're playing a game.  Imagine if there was an interactive treasure hunt that took you all over the American History Museum.

I could even see this working at a shopping mall.  The game could take players to strategic places in the mall where they where would find clues for the game (and undoubtedly spend money too!)  It might even provide a return on the investment within a year.

Anyway, I'm excited to get down to Orlando and play "Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom."  Hopefully we'll see similar experiences at entertainment venues outside of Florida as well!

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