Monday, February 20, 2012

A Surreal Scene at Disneyland

I don't know what's the strangest part of this video.

Is it the (allegedly) drunk, belligerent man who keeps throwing punches even after being doused with pepper spray?

Is it the group of "dudes" who keep a running commentary going throughout the incident?

Is it the annoying lady (who Lance Hart from says sounds an awful like our own "Hysterical Disney Mom?")

Is it the three or four park guests who jumped in to help the cast member?

Disney Security must have been dealing with something on the other side of the park, because most times, they're on an incident like this within 60 seconds!

Anyway, there is some strong language and a bit of violence in this clip.  It's PG-13, so watch at your own risk!

And on a separate note, when will people learn to shoot video the correct way?  They should be holding their phone horizontally, not vertically! Fill the screen, gentlemen!


Atletismo343 said...

Did you see the dudes shooting the video? Can we really expect them to shoot video correctly?

Test said...

That woman's voice is horrible.

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