Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Reel" Design Semi-Finalist #4 - Ghostbusters: The Ride


Attraction Name: Ghostbusters: The Ride
Based upon: Columbia Pictures' "Ghostbusters" and "Ghostbusters II"
Contestant: Carson from Dallas, TX

Guests enter a re-creation of the Ghostbusters Firehouse from the movies, where they are to be given a tour of the vicinities by Ghostbusters accountant Louis Tully.

According to the story, this was Tully's own idea—it seems the various expensive escapades of the Ghostbusters have put them in a financial rut, (mostly due to a prototype Ecto-2 vehicle that has gone way over budget).  Louis decided that they could use the tours to generate additional cash.

A live actor portraying Louis Tully takes guests through the firehouse (which is filled with props and jokes from the movies)  and then down into the basement where he shows the guests the Ecto-Containment Unit.

Louis begins to explain to the guests the wonderment of the unit when a projection of Slimer the green ghost appears. Louis is startled by the ghost, and falls backward, hitting the containment unit. The unit begins to malfunction, and the lights go out. Projections of ghosts are then seen flying out of the unit and out of the building.  The lights return to find Tully, cowering behind a desk. He proclaims to the guests that there may be a slight problem and their tour may be cut short.  The voices of the Ghostbusters are heard over Louis' radio. They tell the guests that they need their help to capture all the escaped ghosts.

They will ride in the "somewhat secure" Ecto-2 prototype.

A garage door opens in the far side of the room to reveal the load station where the 8-person vehicle is waiting. The vehicle is an EMV (themed to an upgraded version of the Ghostbusters vehicle from the movies).  The vehicle is in the style as the ones used in “The Indiana Jones Adventure” at Disneyland, with a mounted proton gun component.

The guests follow the Ghostbusters through the streets of New York City, shooting at ghosts to increase their "Capture Count." Ghosts may be in windows, hiding behind walls and in alleyways, in trash cans, manholes, buildings, and just about everywhere else. Various ghosts and creatures from the films are used throughout the ride, including Vinz Clortho and Zuul, Terror Dogs, Vigo the Carpathian and The Librarian Ghost.

The climax of the ride Is the transformation of Gozer into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, where the guests zap him until he turns red and explodes.

The ride ends with AA representations of the Ghostbusters (covered in Marshmallow) thanking the guests for their help, and that payment for the tour won't be necessary. However, peter Venkman adds that donations will be accepted to cover the mass amounts of property damage caused by them and the guests. Slimer once again appears with a board that tells the guest how well they performed in accordance with their "Capture Count."

The unload transitions into a Ghostbusters retail opportunity, as well as a character dining opportunity with the Ghostbusters that is housed on the second story of the firehouse.

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Paul said...

I want this ride. Coming on Universal you guy's still have the license to this property. Make this ride happen in real life. I read Screamscape, I know about the plans for a Ghostbusters dark ride at Universal Dubai. We all know this a big fan base for it. For me, this is a ride that can really happen if either a new movie comes out, or Universal does the brave thing and try it out on their own. Either way this is a great idea for a GB ride and I can only hope this happens. Please Universal make this ride happen.

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