Friday, February 10, 2012 #619 - One on One with a Dating Expert is a show about theme parks and thrill rides... but we also try to be a lot more.

Whenever possible, we try to enrich the lives our our listeners, by providing them with information essential to living "the good life."

Since this week's show is so dangerously close to Valentine's Day, we've decided to dedicate this episode to enhancing your love life.

Buckle your seatbelts!

To help you become a better catch out there in the world of relationships, we've enlisted the help of an expert.

Joining us on this week's show is Dating Expert and Relationship Coach DeAnna Lorraine.

Besides being devastatingly beautiful, DeAnna is an expert on the art of romance.  She has helped men all over the world have more success on the dating scene by teaching them how to be cool, confident and most importantly, BOLD!

This week, listeners have sent in their questions for DeAnna and she is going to offer her valuable advice to make sure your Valentine's Day is a successful one.

Keeping with the spirit of love, we're going to have the World Premiere of the song written specifically for the winner of the Valentine's Day Charity Song Auction!

Nick Hutson has been working with auction winner Kerri from Florida on her special song.  But who has it been written for and what does it sound like?  You'll find out this week!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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Kevin said...

When my wife got home tonight, I went for the boob!

Michael said...

Wow, EB's motivational speech had me in tears!
Good episode guys.

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