Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Song Auction - Winner!

A few weeks ago, we opened the bidding on an original love song that would be written specifically for "that special someone" in a lucky listener's life.

The bidding was fast and furious all the way up to the January 26th deadline.

But in the end, Kerri from Florida outbid everyone (with a top bid of $200) and won the 2012 Charity Song Auction!

The next step was for Kerri to meet with famed London composer Nick Hutson.

Kerri informed Nick that she wasn't asking him to write a romantic song... but instead, she wanted him to compose a song about her three-year-old daughter, Morgana Jade.

Nick asked Kerri a few questions to get better acquainted with her daughter and found some inspiration for his lyrics..

He learned that she likes Sci-fi and LEGOS.  She's also interested in Star Wars and Disney Princesses.  In fact, it's not uncommon for her to dress up in a princess outfit, grab a toy sword and announce to her parents that she's heading off to fight dragons!

With this in mind, Nick began the task of writing lyrics, orchestrating instruments and composing a completely original song for Kerri and Morgana Jade.

And... here is the result.  A song that had it's World Premiere on the February 9th episode of

Kerri chose to donate her $200 winning bid to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis!

The team here at is going to match that bid for a total donation of $400.

And... since we're not doing Theme Park Change this year... you might want to make a donation yourself!  Head to the St. Jude website to make a donation of your own!

Thanks to Kerri for bidding on this special item!  Thanks also to Nick for donating his time and talents!

Here's a special video message from the composer:

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