Thursday, March 01, 2012

"Reel" Design Semi-Finalist #6 - "The UP Adventure"


Attraction Name: The UP Adventure
Based upon: Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar's "UP"
Contestant: Travis and Katie

The UP ADVENTURE is a highly themed and exciting journey as you follow the adventures of Carl, Russell, Dug, and Kevin on their expedition to Paradise Falls in their flying balloon house.

The ride harkens back to the glory days of Disney dark rides such as the Haunted Mansion and newer attractions such as The Voyage of the Little Mermaid and Monsters Inc.: Mike & Sulley to the Rescue!

The adventure begins even before you step into the queue with an elaborate backdrop setting of the jungles of South America and the beautiful Paradise Falls off in the distance (even with the house near the top of the falls). This backdrop serves as a fa├žade to hide the show building behind it (such in the way that Cadillac Range at “Carsland” will hide the building of “Radiator Springs Racers.”

Artwork supplied by Travis and Katie
While waiting in the queue, you’ll explore the jungles and even search for clues and solve challenges, provided by Russell along the way. Other queue elements may include walking through the actual house itself. Once arrived at the station, guests will board their vehicle, sitting about 4 per car around a circle, modeled after Carl’s house with balloons sitting right above (cleverly disguising the suspended vehicle’s components.)

Then, in the style of Peter Pan’s Flight, the house lifts off into the sky and you are soaring over the city with the landscape below. Throughout the entire attraction, Michael Giacchino’s score will accompany the ride as you move from scene to scene. Guests will also ride by animatronic figures of Carl and Russell in their balloon house.

Once your vehicle flies out of the city and out into the country, guests encounter a fierce thunderstorm that will send the vehicles into a mild, but noticeable spin. Wet raindrops and lightning flashes will also occur. After the storm, the houses will ride through fog before being revealed to a large room of Paradise Falls and the jaw-dropping landscape around you. You will swoop down towards the Cliffside until being swept aside by a strong wind that drives you into the rock labyrinth where you encounter Dug (the golden retriever dog) tracking Kevin (the exotic bird).

Carl and Russell follow closely behind, eventually bringing them both along before an army of dogs stops them in their tracks and you encounter the “Spirit of Adventure” zeppelin and the film’s villain, Charles Muntz! Muntz and his dogs attempt to capture Kevin and also set Carl’s house on fire. Muntz rides away with Kevin in a cage, but the house is not completely damaged.

You join Carl and Russell as they attempt to rescue Kevin and you are soaring in and out of the sky, spinning all which ways throughout the sky, in constant battle with the Spirit of Adventure. After a few twists and turns to add to the climax of the story, Carl is seen with a rescued Kevin, Russell, Dug, while Muntz floats away on a few stray balloons (since no one dies in a ride).

Although the infamous house is seen floating away with the clouds (like in the movie), Carl and the gang fly back home in the Spirit of Adventure and you gently fall through the clouds and see Carl’s house resting next to Paradise Falls.

It would be amazing to see a great family adventure attraction based on this film (personally our favorite Pixar film that doesn’t receive enough attention). While everyone may be offering up high energy roller coasters and high tech thrill rides, we decided on a classic family attraction that can be enjoyed by everyone for many years.

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