Sunday, March 04, 2012

"Reel" Design Semi-Finalist #8 - "Tron: Legacy"


Attraction Name: Tron: Legacy
Based upon: Walt Disney Pictures' "Tron: Legacy"
Contestant: Coaster Matt

I would place this in the Tomorrow Land section of the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World or in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and make this a roller coaster.

The queue would start out by entering Flynn’s arcade. As you go through the arcade guests will see all the classic 80’s arcade games and 80’s music would be blasting through the queue. The guests would then decend downstairs as Sam Flynn did in the first movie when he discovered a secret stairwell behind the Tron arcade game.

The first preshow will begin once guests enter the room where Sam was zapped into The Grid. Kevin and Sam Flynn will be visible on a T.V screen explaining that Clu is attempting to enter the real world. With the guests help, everyone can stop Clu.

After the screens go off, there is a large flash of light and a door will open where guests enter into the Grid.

After going through a few more queue sections, guests will see a roller coaster decked out like one of the Tron bikes. The coaster be made up of cars that will seat two people across and hold a capacity of about 16 people.

The coaster will have on-board audio where you will hear the voices of Kevin and Sam Flynn as well as Clu.

The coaster cars will have lines of the blue and white color schemes like there was in the movie. The ride operators will all be dressed in the Tron outfits with the similar color schemes.

The ride will start off with a launch out of the station. It will not have any inversions and would be a combination of Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Orlando and Maverick at Cedar Point.

This coaster would have plenty of moments for air time, bank turns and a couple more moments throughout the ride where there will be a little more of a launch.

Guests will see large projections throughout the ride where it will appear that another bike (driven by Clu) will be coming towards them.  The other bikes will either turn at the last minute or elevate above or below the car similar to the scenes in the movie.

Ultimately, towards the end of the ride, another projection will make it seem like our train is approaching Clu at very high speeds... sort of like a game of “Chicken”.

At the last second, Clu will panic and make a sharp turn where you will eventually hear the car flip a couple a times and blow up.  Guests will hear Kevin and Sam Flynn at the end saying that Clu has been destroyed.

At the end of the ride, guests will exit the cars, they will climb back upstairs and enter into the Tron Gift Shop where they can see their on-ride photos and videos and have the opportunity to purchase some Tron merchandise.

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