Saturday, March 03, 2012

"Reel" Design Semi-Finalist #7 - "Starship Troopers: The Ride"


Attraction Name: Starship Troopers: The Ride
Based upon: Tristar Pictures'"Starship Troopers"
Contestant: Erich

Starship Troopers: The Ride would be a interactive shooting dark ride similar in style to the MIB:Alien Attack at Universal Studios Orlando.

You would enter the attraction waiting in a Que themed to a recruitment center for the mobile infantry. Here there would be screens showing the iconic propaganda and recruitment videos from the original film (especially the ones staring Neil Patrick Harris naturally).

Here the guest will use RFID technology to give the quest “Dog Tags” to wear. At touch screen stations, while waiting for the pre-show, riders will enter their name. Then a re-usable dog tag with a RFID chip in it will be dispensed.

You then enter a pre-show building that looks like a top secret war room. You are told by Carl Jenkins (NPH) that your platoon is on a mission to test out a “Bug Battle Rover”(BBR) that will save lives and save troops. From the rover you will be able to fight the bugs safer than you would on foot.

Your briefing then abruptly gets interrupted by Johnny Rico requesting support as his base is being over-run by bugs. Your platoon is to be sent out with the new rover to support Johnny and his troops. You then move out of the war room to the waiting rover.

Guest load into the Rover The Rovers would be very similar to the MIB cars except each player has a separate screen located next to a gun that guest use to shoot the aliens. The cars would also have speakers on the head-rest.

You then use new isolated worm-hole technology to get to Rico in time. This isolated worm hole would work look like a portal straight out of star-gate Atlantis. You are blinded then with a flash of light and you find yourself in a sea of bugs. The actual bugs would be projections like in spider-man. With a few animatronic ones throw in.  The bugs wouldn't have a pre-determined path to make it different every time.

You would fight the different types of bugs and move towards Rico's Base. Every time your car is hit by bugs the car would shake around. Also you would get messages from the screen in front of you from Rico and Carl as well as your “kill count”

The RFID technology would be used to send personalised messages to players who are doing well or bad. The messages would be something like, "Shape-up Soldier" and "You are fighting hard, keep it up!" Once you reach the base Rico's men join you to go after the alien from the end of the first movie.

Even more reinforcements join you, including Carl Jenkins at this point (Other animated rovers would be visable on screen). Once you capture the bug Carl  says the iconic line “It's Afraid!!!”.  At this point you can see your final score on your screen with a rank to go along with it.

You then would be brought back through a isolated worm-hole into a pardade celebrating your victory where you are “Granted citizenship” then let off the ride to enjoy the privliges of citizenship. Before going into a gift shop you give back the “dog tags”.

The gift shop is themed to the futuristic city from the beginning of the movie with large murals of meteors flying towards it. They would sell a customisable version of the dog tag where you can get your name engraved and it would have a RFID chip allowing you to keep track of all your scores (which could be viewed on a website) and also would store your name so it could be used in place of the re-usable RFID Dog-Tags.

You would also have t-shirts and the rest of what you would expect a gift shop to have. In addition a “Laser Tattoo Shop” would sell air-brush tattoos similar to the ones from the scene in the first film.

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