Thursday, March 08, 2012 #623 - The Finals of the 2012 "Reel" Design Contest

This week, presents The Finals in the 2012 "Reel" Design Contest!

People from all over the world sent in ride designs based on their favorite Hollywood movies.

Mike and EB shared the Top 10 Semi-Finalists with you and then sent the following three finalists off to the esteemed panel of judges:

The Stark Expo: The Iron Man Experience - James King
The UP Adventure - Travis and Katie
Ghostbusters: The Ride - Carson from Dallas, TX

This week, we hear from this panel of industry experts and superfans to find out who will will be crowned 2012 "Reel" Design Champion!

* Neil Patrick Harris
* Gary Goddard, Founder and CEO, The Goddard Group
* Dan Koch, President of Holiday World and Splashin' Safari
* Korey Kiepert, Engineer & Partner at The Gravity Group
* Dave Altman, President, American Coaster Enthusiasts
* Arthur Levine, Theme Park Guide,
* Lance Hart, Editor of
* Andre from Miami, FL - The 2006 "Reel" Design Contest Winner

We can't reveal any outcomes... but we can say that there is a lot of drama!

Thanks to our judging panel for giving their time and expertise!  Thanks also to everyone who entered! You are all amazing and creative people!


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Emmett V. Wrenn said...

Another great episode. Congrats to the winners!

I LOL'd at the Holiday World "This is it? I was expecting something more" comment near the end.

Tom S said...

I'm glad NPH pointed out the "bad actor" potential of the Ghostbuster ride. I love the idea (and voted for it a few times on the website), but then I got to thinking about all the bad rides I've had on The Great Movie Ride, thanks to either an unenergetic host, or a too energetic host. It would be hard to get consistantly good performances from different live actors.

Paul said...

A fantastic wrap up to a great contest. All of these have good potential to be a great ride. I have to disagree with Mr. Collins about Men in Black: Alien Attack being the best shooter ride. Disney Toy Story Mania ranks among the top rated and award wining from the TEA's for it's interactive gaming digital component. If anything I feel this 3D digital shooter would be the best fit for a Ghostbuster shooter ride, then those Sally shooter riders. Mainly for you can see the streams and in 3D. The only complaint about Toy Story Mania was it's too much of a video game and not enough of a dark ride. Something I heard Brent Young of Super 78 and co-host of the Season Pass talk about. Also, have you notice that a lot of entries on your contest had some type of interactive element to it. Makes you think how times are changing now. More people want to do something on the attractions now. We all getting old. Also, Why hasn't we seen a Fast and Furious ride yet. That movie would be prefect for a hybrid dark ride coaster. And yes, I know those movie don't have much of story, but it's so funny to see those cars race. Their are 5 films now and more on the way. Why Universal hasn't do this is beyond me. If Transformers can get a ride, and don't say those movies have Shakespeare quality written on it with stuff like 'deep wang' and TF2 stereotype racist robots on them.
Great show and looking for to the next contest.

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