Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The CoasterRadio.com Valentine's Day Charity Song Auction

(Ed. Note - We now have a winner! Find out who won the auction and hear the World Premiere of their song on Episode #619!)

We're all romantics here at Coaster Radio.  We bet you are too.

So, we have an idea that is going to help one of you love sick puppies out there.  And, it's going to help out a worthy charity as well.

Imagine the look on your significant other's face when you present them with a completely original love song that has been written specifically for them.

I know what you're thinking... I'm not a musician! I don't know how to play instruments or write witty lyrics!

Well, we've got you covered... for a price.

Today we are unveiling our "Valentine's Day Charity Song Auction." Here's how it works...

From now through January 26th, you can submit a bid by e-mailing your dollar amount to feedback@coasterradio.com.  You'll see an updated list of bids and know who is winning by looking at the CoasterRadio.com blog.

On Thursday, January 26th at 10:00pm est, the listener with the highest bid will win an original song composed by London's own Nick Hutson with lyrics by Mike Collins and EB.

We'll premiere the song on our February 9th Valentine's Day episode and present the winner with sheet music for the composition.

The best part is that the winner will decide what charity will receive the winning bid!  That's right! The winner can chose what charity will benefit from the winning dollar amount.

Also, you have to be over 18 years old to participate in the auction. Sorry, young dudes.

So if you're feeling romantic, why not bid on an original love song for that special someone in your life!

You might just end up with the greatest Valentine's Day gift ever! And you'll be helping your favorite charity too!

So bid RIGHT NOW! E-mail feedback@coasterradio.com and become a romantic legend!


Jack said...

The Lou Mongello Boob Song!! EB you are a genious!

christopher said...

Always did like that song lol. Happy Valentine's Day!

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