Thursday, January 05, 2012 #614 - Bob The Lobster's Rockin' New Year's Eve!

The crowd in Times Square has gathered...

The giant crystal ball is hovering above the masses, ready to drop...

The New Year is just minutes away!

And, there is only one host who has the charisma, sparkling personality and giant red claws to bring it all to you...

Bob The Lobster.

This week, the Original Theme Park Podcast rings in the new year with a "live" broadcast from Times Square in New York City, where our own "Bob The Lobster" is standing by to count us down Dick Clark style!

We also will review all of the new attractions that made their debuts in 2011 at theme parks across America.

Which ones worked?  Which ones didn't?  Which ones made an impact and which ones were bombs?

After the clock strikes midnight, Mike and EB will give away the " Award for Best New Attraction of 2011!"

Plus, we'll go live to Universal Studios Hollywood to meet our exclusive correspondent who will give us the inside scoop on what's happening with their version of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Happy New Year from Bob The Lobster and everyone here at!


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