Monday, January 23, 2012

Better Late Than Never....

We owe you guys an apology... because we totally slacked off on one of our contests.

Back in October, I was waiting for a flight in the San Francisco airport and I was looking at some fun costume ideas that listeners were sending in.

We were so inspired, we decided to give listeners a chance to show off their Halloween costumes to the world while promoting our Twitter feed... @CoasterRadio, by the way.

We decided to turn the idea into a contest! It was the first contest conducted on Twitter.

Anyway, we had some really good submissions... but as it often happens around here, we got distracted by producing the show.  Unfortunately, the contest got pushed to the backburner.

Before we knew it, it was Christmas!  Now it's 2012, and Halloween was more than two months ago!

But, I think it's always a good time to check out fun Halloween costumes.  So, here are some of our favorites!

RC Mayer channeled famous character "Bob The Lobster"

Kerri's Daughter promoted our Twitter feed as a beautiful (but shy) princess.

DVO_Tron designed a suit and disc that really lit up!

Jonathan's son was the youngest contestant as a Bumblebee.

Wally (as a Ghostbuster) posed with his daughter for this cute photo.

Let us know who you think should win by voting below!  We'll announce a winner on the first show in February and send them some fun prizes.  Like we said... better late than never.

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