Sunday, January 22, 2012


I was reading this article about how there are plans in France to build a theme park that would honor French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte.

French politicians are backing the project and they hope construction can begin in 2014, with the gates opening sometime in 2017.

The complex is expected to include a museum, a hotel, shops and restaurants.  But, one of the bizarre attractions would be the daily recreation of the 1792 beheading of Louis XVI, who was executed following the French Revolution.

Another attraction would allow visitors to ski around the bodies of soldiers and horses frozen on the battlefield.

The park would reportedly employ 3,000 people and some believe it could actually become a rival to Disneyland Paris.  (I don't know about that... unless French tourists really like skiing around fake dead people.)

While this story is interesting and newsworthy, I really only wanted to blog about it so I could post this clip!  ENJOY!

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