Friday, January 06, 2012

The New Texas Giant - The Best New Attraction of 2011

On this week's show, we took a look back at all of the new theme park attractions that debuted in 2011.

There were a lot of excellent roller coasters, dark rides, shows and other attractions that could have been named the best.

But after carefully analyzing and debating them all, we have decided that The New Texas Giant is the Best New Attraction of 2011.

All you have to do is watch the ride video below to understand why The New Texas Giant won the award.

Six Flags Over Texas Park President Steve Martindale came on the show to accept the award and said that they "took a great wood coaster and turned it into an incredible wood and steel monster.  There's tons of airtime, a world record first drop, inverted banked turns and it's as smooth as glass."

Here at, we received dozens of trip reports during the summer stating that The New Texas Giant was an amazing ride and had been completely "re-born."

Listeners marveled at the speed, smoothness and surprise of the banked turns.

Even though it's not a completely new attraction, it really is impressive how the park decided not to give up on the aging ride.  Instead, they used technology and ingenuity to make it better than it was when it originally opened.

Congratulations to Six Flags Over Texas for having The New Texas Giant be named as the Best New Attraction of 2011!

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Paul said...

OK, you made a believer out of me. Texas Giant is a must for 2012. After seeing the video listing to this and other podcast. I don't care if I go to Texas for 6 hrs. I doing Texas Giant. I so want to be at the front. Reminds me of those classic Hollywood movies about Texas oil and Dallas being in that car.

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