Sunday, July 03, 2011

Your Favorite Water Rides

As we get deeper and deeper into the summer months, the temperatures seem to be getting warmer and warmer.

So, we think it's the perfect time to dedicate part of our upcoming show to discussion about the world's best water rides.

We'd like to hear from you so you can tell us about your favorite water rides and water slides.

What's your favorite ride?  What makes it unique?  What about it makes you want to ride again and again?

Send us your answers by posting them right here on the blog by using the "Comments" link below.  You can also e-mail us your answer by using the address over on the right or use our Contact Page!

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Kevin said...

Long time listener, first time poster

I'm not much for getting super soaked in the parks. There is nothing worse to me than having to wander the parks when I'm wet, especially if my shoes get drenched too.

That's why I have to go with the classic Disney boat rides, especially Pirates of the Caribbean. That's an attraction that's all about the experience without leaving me drenched.

Drebe73 said...

Of course I always default to my home parks so I have to say that my favorite water ride is Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls at Islands Of Adventure. It has some really fun theming but what makes it a winner is the intense drop that originally existed when the ride first opened. It was really intense because, firstly there were no restraints in the logs and secondly when the log did the awesome 75' foot drop "below the water level" at the bottom the log would ascend and travel over a short length of track ending up in the splash down pool. The drop was fast and furious and when you hit that little hill from under the dynamite shack you'd get a tiny bit of airtime so you had to really hang on to the handles. Not to mention the fact that you get completely drenched. I absolutely love that ride and in my opinion it even rivals they thrills of the Jurassic Park River Adventure at the next Island over. Not only is the ride "a blast" for the riders, but the climactic ending of the attraction looks fantastic from a spectators point of view from the bridge. Overall, the ride experience is very similar and is obviously Universal's answer to Disney's Splash Mountain. Though the journey to the top of the mountain during the ride is not as heavily themed at Splash Mountain, it does offers some great and fun gags to distract you from the inevitable drop over the falls. Even though the ride was eventually renovated to reduce the speed of the drop and restraints were added, Ripsaw Falls remains my favorite water ride in Orlando.

Dan Heaton said...

My favorite is an obvious one, Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World. You just can't beat the mix of impressive Disney theming, thrills, and just great fun. Beyond that, I really enjoyed Pilgrim's Plunge at Holiday World, which has the most unique rise to the top I've ever ridden. Dudley Do Right at Islands of Adventure is fun if you don't mind being soaked, and Sea World's Journey to Atlantis is decent too.

Paul said...

Defunk Diamond Falls at Kings Dominion. This was my first ride on a large boat format. I never seen this type of log flume ride before, but when the first commercial came on I was hype to see what this ride was about. But the funnest part was splash zone bridge area. This part was great cause you didn't have to ride the boat. Just hang out at the bridge and wait the the boat to fall and you get a great huge splash that kept you cool during the hot summer months. I do have a question about his ride for you guy's. What happen to it? When did it get removed and what replace it because I don't see anything in that area?

Big_Al said...

I'm a sucker for a good log flume and for me a "Good" one is one that is more than once around a loop and down the big hill. King's Dominion's flume is nice and winds through the woods a pretty long way before the big drop.

Dorney's flume is good as it is mostly embedded in the side of a big hill.

But I LOVED Morey's Piers Flume in Wildwood, NJ. It goes up pretty high and twists around quite a bit. Then drops you under the boardwalk, where it plays (what else?) "Under the Boardwalk" on loud speakers. Kinda cheesy, but I liked it a lot!

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