Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2012 Podcast Awards

I kinda like being the underdog.

When we first started back in 2005, most people said it would fail.

Coaster Boys went on theme park message boards and said that a podcast about theme parks was a stupid idea and that no one would listen.  We actually got called losers, posers and a few other names that I won't bother posting here.

Back then, we decided not to listen to the haters and to just have a good time with the show.  We figured if the show was good and the show was fun, it would work.

Here we are, seven years later... still having fun.  I think the show is better than ever.  The best part is, a lot of you have decided to come along for the ride.

EB and I don't have any grand delusions about what this show is.  We know that it's a small podcast where we get to talk about something we like.  We know it's an excuse to take a break from "real life" and pretend to be radio DJs.

We don't have egos about this thing.  We don't let it rule our lives.

We also know we won't ever have as many listeners as the "Disney Podcasts" do.

However, even with a smaller audience, the show does manage to get recognized.

This week, we found out that we have been nominated for the third consecutive year for "Best Travel Podcast" in the Podcast Awards.

In our category, there are seven (yes, seven) Disney podcasts, our friends at The Season Pass Podcast and a podcast about Amateur Travel.

(The poor Amateur Travel podcast host must be wondering what the heck is going on with all of these theme park podcasts.)

The winner of this category for the past six years is Lou Mongello's WDW Radio.  He does a fantastic show and has a very large and loyal audience.

But while we don't get the same listener numbers, I think that our audience is right up there with his in terms of being loyal and engaged.

So, EB and I want to give something a try.

Voting for the Podcast Awards begins on Thursday, November 1st and runs though November 14th.  You can vote once a day, every day.

What if we had a huge number of listeners commit to voting 15 times for the show?  Could we pull off the upset?  I think we could!

It's all about committment.  It's all about making the effort to vote every day.  I think we can do it!

So, EB and I would like you to send an e-mail to to sign up for a daily e-mail that will remind you to vote.

Voting literally takes 20 seconds.  It's fast and easy.  If enough of you do this each day, we just might have a chance - David vs. Goliath style!

We might not win this thing, but I believe we have to try.

Isn't it fun to be on the side of an underdog?

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