Thursday, November 01, 2012 #705 - Holy Crap, Star Wars!

Sometimes there are big stories in the amusement industry...

Maybe a new roller coaster is announced or a new park is being built somewhere.

But sometimes there are stories that come along that entirely change the landscape of the entertainment industry.

One of those stories happened this week.

The Walt Disney Company announced that it would be purchasing Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion.

This includes all of the Star Wars Properties, technical companies such as Industrial Light and Magic, LucasArts, plus anything else that George Lucas created over the last four decades.

Disney also announced that fans can look forward to Star Wars: Episodes 7, 8 and 9, with the next installment due in 2015. (Nerds rejoice!!!)

But what does this all mean for the Disney Theme Parks?

Are we going to see new attractions and themed areas based on the hundreds of characters and locations in the Star Wars Universe?  Could we see more rides based on the Adventures of Indiana Jones?

Or, might be actually see an entire park based on all that George Lucas and his team created?

The possibilities (and the conjecture) are unlimited!!!

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Anonymous said...

I know for sure this is late, but I might as well respond. For the What would you do thing about the parent forcing the kid on a ride, I wouldn't do anything. The problem I have with the things that go on in an amusement park is that if I tell someone, or just talk to the culprits, than that really ruins my day. I'm stuck either talking to security about something (just finding them is not easy) for some time, or I'm going to get into an argument myself, and than maybe I would get kicked out of the park.

If I start saying to the mother or father of that kid, you know you shouldn't take that kid on the ride, they are going to argue with me, and than who knows what they would do (punch me even??)..

This stuff just ruins my fun day. The only way I would intervene in anything is if it gets dangerous. If people are physically beating each other up, or let's say are doing something really bad, than I would talk to someone. If people want to line cut me, I just don't care anymore. Security should be doing it because they get paid for it.

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