Thursday, October 18, 2012 #703 - 80's-Style Murder in the Amusement Park

Here at the Original Theme Park Podcast, we love Halloween.

We also love good horror movies from the 80's.

So, imagine if someone made a throwback horror film that was set in an old, closed down amusement park...

Yeah, they'd have our attention.

On this week's all new episode, we talk with Cary Hill.  He's the writer and director of a brand new 80's-style horror film - Scream Park.

The entire film was shot on location at Conneaut Lake Park in Pennsylvania. Several of the key scenes were shot on and around classic attractions like the Blue Streak and the Devil's Den.

We'll talk with Cary about what it was like to shoot his film in the park and how the rides and attractions influenced the story.

We'll also talk about how Hersheypark's Thigh Crush... er, Sky Rush has closed for the season a little earlier than expected.  Of course, the Coaster Boys out there have their own ideas on why this happened.  But Mike and EB give their own unique take on the matter.

Plus, we'll have your ideas on the ultimate setting to have a Halloween Haunt and EB's review of Holiday World's Happy Halloween Weekends!

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