Wednesday, October 03, 2012 #701 - The Joint Chiefs Return!

Any new listeners to our show might only know it has being hosted by Mike and EB.

But back in 2005, the show was hosted by the five guys you see on the right.

When the new version of came out in 2009, Mario Flava and Greg had all moved on to other things.  But as a listener said this week, they will always be a part of the show.

But over the past year, many listeners (new and old) have been asking for the guys to come back for at least one episode.  One astute listener obsevred thatNeil Patrick Harris has been on the show more lately than Mario has.

So, to kick off Season Seven "In Styllleeee...," we're goin' OLD SCHOOL.

This first episode of the new season features Mike, EB, Greg, Flava and Mario... THE JOINT CHIEFS.

It's a wild show that didn't quite happen as the gang planned.  But it does have the feel of being back in 2005 again.

Check out all of the show notes and links in our new interactive ZEEN - "In Styleee!" It's brand new for Season Seven!

Welcome back guys!


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1 comment:

The Coaster Critic said...

This is great. The old crews all back together. I can't wait to check this out!

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