Thursday, October 25, 2012 #704 - The Halloween Campfire Show

All Hallows Eve is almost upon us....

This week, we have the perfect show to get you in the "spirit" of Halloween.

Mike and EB start this week's show with a bit of talk about whether or not Walt Disney World and Disneyland should consider an "adult-oriented" Halloween event at their parks.

Universal Studios has pretty much cornered the market in Orlando and Southern California... but could Disney come up with something even better?

After that, Mike reveals that he has spent $199.99 on a "Seance School" and wants to attempt contacting one of his heroes who has passed on to the afterlife.  Will he be successful?  And who is the spirit that he wants to contact?

Finally, after a Live Trip Report from Busch Gardens Tampa, the guys sit around the fire pit with their marshmellows and S'Mores to begin the 2012 Halloween Campfire show.

This is an annual tradition where the guys take actual back-stories from Halloween Haunts across the country and bring them to life on-the-air.  You'll want to darken the room, light some candles, grab some candy (and your headsets) to join in on the fun!!!

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Aaron McMahon said...

An Alien Encounter haunted house would be great if they ever did a Halloween Horror event at Disney.

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