Thursday, March 29, 2012 #625 - Our Visit to Disney California Adventure!

The Original Theme Park Podcast returns with Part II of our California Trilogy of shows!

This week, we talk about all of the stories and details from our trip to Disney California Adventure.

This park has been on people's minds a lot lately as Disney wraps up its major construction projects including Buena Vista Street and Cars Land.

But will EB and Mike enjoy the park after visiting Disneyland just a few days before?

What will they think of attractions like Tower of Terror, Soarin', California Screamin' and Toy Story Midway Mania?

Plus, for the first time ever, will present Binaural Audio from several points in the park... including audio from EB's first-ever ride on Tower of Terror.  You'll want to make sure that you have headphones handy so you can close your eyes and pretend you're there!

Next week, we want to hear from you with your questions about our California trip! Send them via e-mail, on Facebook and Twitter or by calling our Voicemail Line at 206-339-3360!


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Daniel said...


Thanks for this post! Glad you had a good trip to Disney California! I'm heading off to Disneyland Paris soon with a few friends and we hope it's going to be amazing!

Have you been to Disneyland Paris before?


Disney_fan said...

Great Show. You guy's are winning the heart of all those Disney fanboys that have problems with DCA. But I have to tell you. Cars is not a small little franchise. Plus you forgot it's a Pixar flim not so much Disney. When compare to HP yeah, it's got more content, unless you go to it's merchandise which car makes 2 billion a year and 8 billion global. That's not small potatoes. That's actually on par and even surpass HP 2x over. You will never hear Disney fanboys defend Cars, because the community hates it. That's why you haven't seen a complaints. Your kids might not play with Pixar Cars, but there a lot of kids that do and the reason Lasseter pushing the brand cause kids love cars. Much like you guy's properly did when you were kids in the 80's with Hot Wheels. Don't believe me look it up. It was report by stock holders as well as biz toy line. Again, I'm not a fan of Cars, but that is Disney/Pixar biggest money maker brand after the Pirates movies of course. So, they going where the money is. Also, you guy's forgot that there are a couple of sequels to Avatar coming out. Around the same time the land will open. You might have seen Jim on the news going to the bottom of the sea which inspire him for the setting of Avatar 2. Also, look up "The Great Gremlins Adventure". That's your Gremlins dark ride. Yes, there was one that lasted to 2001. You know the funny thing. The ride feature Alf, yes that Alf from the NBC show as co-star in the ride. Sad part was those rides where only at Germany and Australia WB movie world parks. Shame the U.S didn't get one.
Can't wait to hear you guy's on the set of HIMYM. Awesome dudes.

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