Saturday, March 24, 2012 #624 - Live from Disneyland!

The picture says it all!

EB and Mike reunite to take on the park that essentially started the theme park industry.

This week, the guys are at Disneyland!

After spending 15 hours in the park, they experienced almost every ride and attraction on the Disneyland Map!

In a show that's partially on-location and partially in our studios, the guys review the park and all of the famous attractions for which Disneyland is known!

You might be surprised at which rides they really liked and which ones lead to "anticipointment."


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Tom S. said...

Whaaaaat? No Haunted Mansion discussion? I thought you were a big HM fan Mike!

Mike Collins said...


How could we have forgotten! (I blame the jet lag.)

We'll be sure to include some Haunted Mansion discussion before we get into California Adventure this week.

Alan Bolstridge said...

Excellent!!! Just one slip: EB, your 1st time at Disney World (age 4/5) you didn't ride Space Mountain, NOT because it was closed!!! It's because you were too short!!! Amy and I rode ... awesome!!! HAHAHAHAH

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