Monday, April 04, 2011

What is the biggest bust in Disney Theme Park history?

No, not that type of bust! Come on!

For this week's interactive question, we want to know what you think is the worst move by the Disney Theme Parks since Disneyland opened in 1955.

It could be a certain park, attraction, resort, policy... really anything you can come up with and support with a good argument.

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Universal_Guru said...

Harry Potter! If Disney had not been so draconian in developing the Harry Potter IP for the parks instead of listing to J.K Rowling, Disney would have had another blockbuster hit on their hands. But that's Disney M.O when it comes to acquiring the right's to IP's. They squander them when it comes to creating a plan attraction. Just ask Star Wars, why it too 23 yrs to updated it. Or Muppets, why none of the plan attractions went ahead after Disney acquire the rights, yet now want's to get rid of them if their latest movie isn't a hit. Why there's no Indiana Jones ride in Florida, or why Peter Jackson say no when Disney wanted to only do a replacement scene on the Great Movie Ride during the Alien section as the only thing they would do with the Lord of the Ring's IP. Their's a reason Marvel fans are worried when it comes to Disney. Theirs a history there.

Disney_fan said...

Disney failure to keep their characters on going. What I mean is if you look at Mickey,Donald,Goofy, Minne,and Pluto, they haven't made new content for those classic characters in many years. Unfortunately, many of their characters are nothing more then mascot's for the parks or companies key events. What's sad is the whole take over of Pixar characters though out the parks, but yet not building on the classics characters like Mickey, Herbie, Pete's Dragon, Jimmy Cricket or any of the animation and live action movies. A lot is to blame in terms of Disney corporate approach towards their company history, but I also blame those Disney purist (*@#$)FANBOY'S who don't want any characters in the parks unless it's Disneyland or The Magic Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Disney failure to keep good going on good quality hand drawn animation film. Too many CGI movies and a reliance on Pixar to keep the revenue flowing forward.

Michael King said...

The biggest failure of Disney is and will always be EuroDisney. Because Disney screwed that up too much with being over budget, supposedly many ideas for attractions, lands, hotels and parks worldwide fell though. I read this into the book the DisneyWar by James Stewart and I am actually doing a college paper on this.

Anonymous said...

Disney failure to keep up with technology. For a long while it was hard to get Disney content online, but also, a bland Disney website, lack of innovation in cell phone tech like iPhone and android market with apps. Also, why is it that Disney has a service app with Verizon, but no official theme park app for the iPhone, especially when Apple CEO Steve Jobs is on the Disney Board. Strange, makes you wonder.

Travel_Dis said...

If you look at Epcot it's still Mission: Space. While the ride has been tone down a bit, it's thrill ride is a far cry from Horzion. Horizon is still the best when it comes to the message of Epcot, but also a ride for the whole family. If they have given it a chance we would have seen a on-going look at the future, but instead we get a ride with a barf bag. Most of the refurb at Disney has been a nickel and dime like Journey to Imagination and luck luster like The living Sea's where most people get off the ride and head right out the exit. Mistakes like Mr. Toad not having a chance to stay cause MK is in selling more stuff at the gift shop cause they own rights to Pooh.

Anonymous said...

Disney failure to recognize their fan base. If you look at Disney history, When EPCOT turn 25, Disney didn't plan one thing, instead it was the fans that came together to celebrate the big 25 anniversary. The growing fan community and podcast. If you look at how many sites and podcast are devoted to Disney, yet Disney had only ONE podcast which lasted oh, 5 episodes. And of course, their official D23 fan club. When launch it was overly expensive and plague with marketing criticizes. While, D23 has come down with tier pricing, it's still missing podcast or any real reason to join other then paying over price events.

Paul said...

Here's a little Disney history failure from Walt day's. Back when Club 33 open up, their was a animatronic bird that was wired with a microphone which would listen in to guest conversation, and would make joking reference's to the guest conversation. People didn't like this cause it was a invasion of privacy, as well as, what people conversation could lend into comprising situation. But goes to show you that Walt was ahead of his time cause if you look at today's smart phones where app's revel your location, facebook, twitter, the whole privacy is a big issue in the digital domain. Check out Jim Hill media if you want to know more about the over listing bird.

Guy Fawkes said...

Anonymous' failure to use appostraphes and the letter "s" to show ownership on all his posts... Oh wait, Disney's history? Sorry.

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