Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Most Underrated Roller Coaster

The Beast.  Millennium Force. The Voyage.

These are all roller coasters that get talked about a lot!

They're great rides, so they deserve the hype they get in enthusiast circles and the general public.

But there are also some really excellent roller coasters out there that never get talked about.  These rides are under appreciated and under publicized.

So, for this week's show, we want to know what rollercoaster you think is the most underrated.

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Big Al said...

For me the standard boomerang coaster is very underrated. I know that most are head bangers after the drop, but man I LOVE that drop! I love the stomach in your chest feeling that sudden drop gives you. Especially in the very back! The closest coaster to my home is Tidal Wave in Ocean City, so I've ridden it many times.

Paul said...

My favorite underrated coaster is not really biggest coaster out there, but the smallest. The formally know Scooby-Doo’s Ghoster Coaster at King’s Dominion is my favorite. It’s underrated because it’s know to be a kiddie coaster. But growing up being afraid of all roller coasters, this was the very first one that got me to enjoy coasters and later overcome my fear of them. What made it fun was it’s design to be very much like a classic wooden coaster only in a modest size. All trappings of a classic wooden coaster was there, from the shakiness to it’s rough experience to it’s thrilling speed is all there, keeping that natural feel of those larger wooden coasters intact. It’s a ride that I will always go on with my family or by myself whenever I visit King’s Dominion.

C. Pred said...

I would have to vote as the most underrated coaster in my opinion would be one that I had Neil Patrick Harris riding in one of my entries in the "Day at the Park with Neil" contest. That coaster I am referring to is Iron Wolf at Six Flags Great America. As my home park, it ranks low in popularity with the crowds that at most, has a wait time of 45 minutes when the rest of the rides are into the hours. I think it is underrated because it is B&M's first coaster and the first standing coaster by B&M. Is is a great ride that has a good drop, a loop and some speed to it, all in a relatively small footprint make it a unique coaster that has not been cloned to other parks.

Vasco said...

Blue Streak at CP. Insane airtime. Classic coaster.

Brian said...

I have two underrated coasters. The first is the Scorpion at Busch Gardens Tampa. It's currently the oldest at the park as it was built in 1981, has only one loop, and is about 40 ft tall but it really does pack a whallop. It's also the only looping coaster I've ridden that has no OTSRs, just a individual lap bar. The second is a wooden coaster called the Dania Beach Hurricane just south of Ft Lauderdale, FL. It's not at a park which is why it really doesn't get much attention. It's a double out n' back coaster that's about 95 ft tall. It really has lots of airtime and speed. This coaster is located at Boomers! (the exclamation point is part of the name) which is like a Dave & Busters with go-kart tracks and goofy golf courses.

Anonymous said...

There once was this park called Hard Rock Park. In this park was a coaster called Led Zeppelin - The Ride. It was a B&M with music that was played during the ride. This coaster had the touch and feel of the classic Led Zeppelin band, but had no crowds to rock too. It later transformer to the "Time Machine" playing 60's and present music hit's. But like must one-hit wonders with no one listing, this great sit down B&M becomes faded into short-lived legendary status.
-"Seriously this was a great underrated B&M sit down coaster that just needs a chance to go somewhere else, maybe Orlando Thrill Park?"

Major Havoc said...

Thunderation at Silver Dollar City is one of Arrow Dynamics' largest and fastest mine train coasters, with a 3,000-foot-long course and a top speed of almost 50 miles per hour. This coaster makes excellent use of the park's beautiful, sloping terrain, and offers unique seating in that some cars face forward while others face backwards. With very low height requirements Thunderation is very much a family coaster, but still manages to pack quite a thrill for those less jaded riders.

Thunderation is not to be missed during any visit to Silver Dollar City.

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