Thursday, April 28, 2011

R.C's Challenge To You!!!

R.C., one of our long-time listeners, has come up with an idea that he'd like to sponsor to encourage more people to donate to Theme Park Change.

Here is his idea:

Starting at 12am EDT Friday April 29 the first 50 people to donate $10, or more, to Project Angel Food through Theme Park Change will automatically have $1 added to their donation, thanks to listener R.C. Mayer.

Make your donation as soon as possible, because this challenge ends at 9pm EST Saturday April 30.

We're in the final hours of this project and this is a great way to have your donation make an even bigger impact!

Remember every $10, or more, donation also gives you an chance to win great prizes donated by Theme Park Change partners!

Thanks R.C.!


Anonymous said...

I hope you guy's reach your goal. No matter the results, it was a good cause. Well worth the effort.
Great Job

Anonymous said...

I donated. Many did, many did not. What can you do?

That said, with all due respect, to be disappointed or unappreciative of the money that was donated doesn't feel right.

I understand the frustration and anticipointment, but you can't come across as condescending - that just doesn't work.

Also, beating this horse is hurting the show. I hope you make your goal without losing the show in the process. I'm a big fan of Coaster Radio, but I am just being honest.

Thanks for all the good times.
Tom in Las Vegas

(P.S. - how are you gonna know who donated and who didn't?)

Mike Collins said...

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your comments.

I hope everyone tunes in to this week's show, (which will be avaialble to everyone), because there is a lot to say and A LOT to be thankful for.

EB and I went a little overboard last week. We felt passionately about what we were doing with "Theme Park Change" and let our emotions fuel the show.

We never meant to anger anyone, we just wanted to fire people up.

One thing I have to stress that that we have NEVER been unappreciateive of the money that was donated. We appreciate each donation no matter how large or small and we have said so on every show.

You're right that we promoted this a lot... maybe too much. I take full responsibility for that. But as the flagship website for TPC, it was our responsibility.

Was it worth it? I think so... especially with the news we just received from Project Angel Food!

Please tune in this week and we'll explain it all!

Thanks to everyone who has hung in there with us.

Thanks again, Tom, for the honest comments.

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