Thursday, April 21, 2011 #526 - Are We In A Romantic Comedy?

When I'm putting together these blog posts, I always try to find an interesting photo to make you want to listen to the show.

This week, I present you with a picture Hugh Grant.  Listen to the show to figure out why he's relevant!

This week, the Coaster Radio audience steps up to the mike and tells us about what they believe are the most underrated roller coasters in the world.

We're talking about roller coasters that don't get any love from The Travel Channel, magazines and even from us here at the show.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at some of the suggestions listeners came up with!

We'll also have a Live Trip Report from Six Flags Over Texas and an update on Theme Park Change!

Keep in mind, there is only one week left to donate!  We still need a lot of help to reach our goal.  So, if you haven't donated yet, don't wait!

To get you inspired to donate, we'll have a visit from a brand new friend!  (You won't want to miss this!) 

Or you can listen online by using the podcast player on the right hand side of this page. 

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Alex said...

Just donated to Theme Park Change!

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