Friday, April 15, 2011

Derek and Trisha's Trip of Lies!

A few weeks ago, we asked our listening audience for two volunteers who would go to Walt Disney World and pretend to be honeymooners (complete with the Mickey Ears) to test a theory.

We believed that people who wear the infamous "Bride and Groom Mouse Ears" would get tons of free stuff, even if they weren't technically newlyweds!

Derek and Trisha from Southern California accepted the challenge and The Trip of Lies was born!

They're back from their trip and filed this scientific report:

Hi guys, Derek and Trisha here!  We're back in Southern California and are filing this report about "The Trip of Lies!"

Our hypothesis was:
Bride & Groom Ears = More Magic = Free Stuff

The results were not as spectacular as we all hoped.  We did get noticed and acknowledged a lot, just not a single freebie.

About 1 out of every 4 Cast Members told us, "congratulations," many people wanted to know more about our wedding, and a few couples told us they'd honeymooned there and were now back with their kids.

We got a phone call from Mickey Mouse congratulating us, one cast member blew bubbles on us as we walked into the Carousel of Progress, and while ordering at Pecos Bill's Cafe the person taking our order had everyone in the place holler "yehaw!" for us (he later admitted it was his first time, and he was nervous the entire time were ordering, how sweet).  Some tourists had a "Flat Stanley" guy and wanted to take pictures of us holding it because we were newlyweds. 

So the experiment outcome was:
Bride and Groom Ears = More Magic but NOT  Free Stuff

Our conclusion:  If it is actually your honeymoon, you'll probably dig everyone congratulating you and talking to everyone about your wedding day.  But if it isn't, you're likely not going to get free stuff, and all the talk about your fake wedding won't be as fun as if you really did just get married.

Thanks so much to Derek and Trisha for taking part in our inaugural Trip of Lies.  You can hear all about their trip on this week's episode of!  Here are some bonus pictures!

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Bridget said...

Disney never gives ANYTHING for free, pretty much ever, unless you work for them. My fiance and i actually did wear the bride/groom ears a few months before the wedding to go to the park - and he does work for the company - and nothing extra was had. But it was fun for us to get the congrats :)

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